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Drugs and our kids: Schools Grapple with Trend

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2014 2:00 am By Rachel S. Karas News-Post Staff by Rachel Karas When Jenna Bozick first used marijuana and ecstasy, she was a 12-year-old in California, and it was “the popular thing to do.” She grew depressed and suicidal, moved to North Carolina and then Maryland, and found her solace in opiates. She

Delay Common Core to give Teachers Time

When it comes to something as complex as education reform, especially when it’s as sweeping as Common Core, which applies new standards in reading and math from kindergarten to 12th grade, it would have wise to follow the old axiom: Measure twice, cut once. Maryland agreed to the new regulations three years ago, and Common

NEA East Leadership Summit

FCTA members attending the NEA East Leadership Summit in Atlanta. Learning to strengthen our Association. Pictured Left to Right: Ryan Hummer, Gary Brennan, Jessica Fitzwater, Missy Dirks, Judi Michaels, and Justin Heid

Is Education Worth It?

Blaine Young and the Board of County Commissioners have been so consistently hostile to our schools, our children and the future of our county over the last five years that a once excellent school system is now endangered. The quality of education surely will sink if this keeps on. By refusing for so many years